The EPIC Model

The EPIC Model is simple but powerful. It brings together the greatest resources in academia — professors, students, laboratories, research libraries, existing curriculum — and creatively draws them together to tackle the biggest challenges in local communities. The results are felt immediately with lasting transformative effects: Solutions that might never be imagined through traditional structures, public goodwill toward the university, real-world learning for students, and meaningful change felt throughout the community.

By adopting the EPIC Model, colleges and universities around the world can play a more active role in finding the best ways to make life richer and more sustainable for generations to come.

The Elements of the EPIC Model

  • Respect Existing administrative structures/individual responsibilities and incentives on all sides
  • Create a genuine Partnership with local governments (or community organizations)
  • Intentionally aims at improving quality of life
  • Focus on Community-identified, -driven, and -evaluated contribution to the community
  • Catalyze multi-disciplines and large Numbers (courses, students, hours)

The EPIC Model Creates Value for All Involved

Partnerships across the globe use the EPIC Model. The EPIC-Network collects stories from those partnerships and shares them in our case story page. Visit our CASE STORIES page to see what the EPIC Model can do for your college or university, your city, county, special district, or community group.

Start Using the EPIC Model Today

Request a meeting with EPIC-N and EPIC Africa leaders. Send an email with your request to Also, start your free trail to gain access to the EPIC-N Member Commons. Details here.