The Organization

The Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities – Network (EPIC-N) is a nonprofit association with members all over the world. Our organization and our members unite communities with the untapped potential of universities to exponentially improve conditions for human flourishing. 

Our ambition is to improve the quality of life and social wealth of all involved, whether by expanding social or economic inclusion, environmental sustainability or democratic self-government.

We do so by supporting the application of The EPIC Model.

The EPIC Model

  1. Respects Existing administrative structures/individual responsibilities and incentives on all sides
  2. Creates a genuine Partnership with local governments (or community organizations)
  3. Intentionally aims at improving community quality of life
  4. Focuses on Community-identified, -driven, and -evaluated contribution to the community
  5. Catalyze multi-disciplines and large Numbers (courses, students, hours)

Learn more about the EPIC Model.

Get Started

Request a meeting with EPIC-N and EPIC Africa leaders. Send an email with your request to info@epicn.org. Also, start your free trail to gain access to the EPIC-N Member Commons. Details here.

The Funding

EPIC-N is a membership-based organization. Operations are funded by a mixture of membership dues, grants, and fees-for-services rendered.