What is EPIC-N?

The EPIC-Network (EPIC-N) connects communities with the human capital of universities to improve the quality of life and social wealth for all involved. EPIC-N is the nonprofit association of institutions that adopt the award-winning EPIC model for university-community partnership.

The EPIC model is simple but powerful. It brings together the greatest resources in academia — professors, students, laboratories, research libraries, existing curriculum — and creatively draws them together to tackle the biggest challenges in local communities. The results are felt immediately with lasting transformative effects: Solutions that might never be imagined through traditional structures, public goodwill toward the university, real-world learning for students, and meaningful change felt throughout the community.

By adopting the EPIC Model, colleges and universities around the world can play a more active role in finding the best ways to make life richer and more sustainable for generations to come.

Why should my university join?
EPIC-N universities utilize their resources—faculty, students, disciplines, classes—to develop ingenious, practical solutions for the modern-day challenges facing communities. When your students put their work towards your partnered community, they’ll have the opportunity to achieve hands-on, “real-world” experience, putting both university education and research into action while promoting advancements that will be felt for the generations to come.  

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below. Staff will contact you shortly thereafter to get you set up. Once a member, universities are connected to a vast web of advocates for feet-on-the-ground change within communities led by faculty and students.

"The easiest adopted and most efficient model I've seen for ensuring real and visible faculty and student contribution of value to area communities, while also improving the student learning experience"

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