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EPIC-Africa Call: Challenges and Successes from the EPIC Durban Programme

Featured Presenter: Smiso Bhengu

12 April 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 Central Africa Time

During this EPIC-Africa Call, Smiso Bhengu and Sean O’Donoghue, the municipality leaders of the EPIC Durban programme, will present about their challenges and successes before the open discussion and updates from attendees.

Following open discussion, EPIC-N leaders will share some important event and resource announcements. After the announcements attendees will be able to use the remaining portion of the meeting (usually 30- to 45-minutes) to continue group conversations or split into breakout rooms for small group discussions.

If you cannot attend, but with to provide comment, please RSVP as event organizers will be sending out relevant information by email before and after the event to those that RSVP.

This EPIC-Africa Call will be recorded. Once ready, the recording will be posted in the EPIC-N Member Commons.

More about the EPIC-Africa Call Series

Each month leaders from EPIC-Africa programmes, universities, and communities gather virtually to discuss programme management. This call is open to anyone looking to start and/or improve an EPIC programme in Africa. Organizers use Zoom conference and video call software to connect parties.

EPIC-Africa Calla are open to anyone looking to start, support, and/or improve an EPIC program. Organizers use Zoom conference and video call software to connect parties. Click here for more information about the monthly EPIC-Africa Call.