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EPIC-N’s inaugural Communities of Practice in motion and creating meaningful collaboration

EPIC-N’s Rural and Assessment Community of Practice groups are off to a great start!

Following their launch in fall 2021, members of the EPIC-Network inaugural communities of practice (COP) have convened bi-weekly to discuss best practices, personal experiences, and questions regarding their topic.

The Rural COP is co-led by Megan Banks of the University of Oregon’s SCYP and Julie Keniry of Eastern Oregon University’s REV Center. Members of this COP discussed the following topics and more during their meetings:

  • Different types of “rural” communities
  • Collective Impact
  • How “We” help/work in rural communities when “We” don’t live there
  • Engaging official and unofficial leaders in rural communities

The Assessment COP is co-led by Mazi Ferguson of the University of South Florida’s CSPP and Laura Martin of the University of Mississippi’s M Partner program. Members of this COP discussed the following topics and more during their meetings:

  • Introduction to EPIC-N and assessment including resources and tools provided to members
  • EPIC-N Programs’ current assessment efforts
  • EPIC-N assessment tools- how to use Qualtrics
  • Incentivizing evaluation responses
  • Questions to ask community partners
  • Schedule of when to send out evaluation questions
  • Visualizations of different types of data

On Thursday January 6, 2022 from 1:30-3:00 PM CT during the EPIC-Network Call, co-leaders of each COP will share their respective progress reports summarizing their COP’s experience, work, and deliverables.

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EPIC-N is excited to announce that its Adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals COP will launch on January 20, 2022 at 10:00 AM CT. It will be co-led by Ilona Ballreich of Penn State University’s SCC program and Dean James McClain of the University of Liberia and run from late January through April 2022. Additional details about this COP will be discussed during the January 6th EPIC-Network Call.

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If you wish to join any of the current COP’s please contact Ada Inman at