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Smiso Bhengu leads an EPIC programme from within a municipality

Smiso Bhengu

Climate Protection Scientist, EThekwini Municipality

Favorite Place

My village back at home, KwaSwayimane (Pietermaritzburg)

What was your first interaction with a school-community partnership project?

It was through my involvement with the Durban Research Action Partnership, which the municipality is managing with the local university (University of KwaZulu Natal)

How did you first learn about EPIC-N?

It was through training in Cape Town, 2017

What are some of the top priorities you are working on this year?

Appointment of the EPIC Durban Coordinator which will be based at University of KwaZulu Natal

Getting different municipal departments adopting or participating in EPIC Durban

In what ways are you looking to engage, or work with others, either from within the EPIC-Network, or in general?

Connecting through meeting and doing EPIC presentations to market the program and show them the benefits of adopting EPIC.


Smiso Bhengu, is the Climate Protection Scientist at the EThekwini Municipality. He works as the liaison on the city side supporting the EPIC Durban partnership between EThekwini Municipality and the University of KwaZulu Natal.